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All I Wanted Was a Pug…

Sunshine and I have had a few dogs over the years…

Rosie (the little doggie in the window that I HAD TO HAVE)…


Lucy Lu (don’t tell the others – she’s my personal favorite)…


Ginger Lee (the perfect dog… so sweet and so loving)…


Miss Molly (Molly grew from a rambunctious little girl into a sweet old lady)…


Paigie (oh, my little monkey, where do I begin?)…


Turley “Teacup” (our first dog with an “outy” nose, sweet, sweet, sweet)…


Rosie, Lucy, Ginger, and Molly are no longer with us; but we do have Paige and Turley.  All I wanted was one more pug to round out a nice trio.

The pug rescue said they had two “porkies” (pug/Yorkie mix) ready for adoption: Petunia and Sweet Pea.  That sounded good to us!  We adopted them.  This is what we got…



Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea


They are little stinkers.  They’ve destroyed my leather belt, iPod, several shoes and flip flops and two pairs of reading glasses.  And as I’m writing this story, they chewed the pedometer right off my belt (darn… it still works!).

Once the initial shock wore off, they have really become a big part of our family.  We love them  like crazy… they are full of energy and they never run out of love to give us.

And they are cute, don’tcha think??  😉


Some day I will get my pug.

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