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Last week, Sunshine and I had an awesome time flying our monkey kite down at the beach, so we decided to do it again.

We stopped at Costco, picked up a dragon kite and a penguin kite, and went straight to Treasure Island Park.  We assembled our kites and couldn’t wait to get flying.

We learned a simple formula that we will never forget… NO WIND = NO KITE FLYING…

No Wind

Oh well… now we have three kites for the next time!!

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Flying High…

Monkey KiteSunshine and I love to go to Treasure Island Beach in front of Montage Laguna Beach early Friday mornings before work.  We see seals and dolphins, people paddle boarding, walking their dogs, practicing yoga and jogging on the sand.  It’s very relaxing.

A couple of weeks ago, we saw someone flying a kite.  That looked like fun, so I ordered a monkey kite on Amazon and it just arrived.

We decided to go to the beach and watch it fly.

Assembling Kite

Since it’s been about 30 or 40 years since we’ve flown a kite, we were a little rusty on how to get them to fly. Our first attempt was a minor failure…

No Wind Kite

Once we realized we needed some wind, our monkey kite really took off…

Flying Higher

He wanted to fly higher and higher, so we took that little monkey down to the sand and let him fly as high as possible…

Guy on Beach

Man, that monkey wanted to soar!  He went higher and higher and all the people walking by stared in amazement.  We came to the end of the string and the monkey still wanted more.  It sure was fun!!!

Sunshine Flying Guy Smiling

After about an hour, we brought the monkey kite down (almost a crash-landing!)…


It sure was a good kite-flying day!!  We’ll bring more string next time.

That Was FunThat Was Fun

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