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Sunshine loves working at Vans.  They just started a six-week walking program designed to encourage employees and their spouses to be more active.  It’s called Step It Up!®.

Sunshine and I registered for the program that started last week and they sent us our very own pedometers.  They suggested that we walk 10,000 steps each day.

10,000 steps?  Shouldn’t be a problem!  I probably do that every day before noon without trying.   Nope!  I actually only walk about 2,500 steps on a regular day working at my office.

If you can believe it, it takes me over 90 minutes of pretty fast walking to get 10,000 steps.  So now I find ways to sneak in extra steps every day.

This week I’ve logged…

Monday = 10,379

Tuesday = 10,447

Wednesday = 10,886

Thursday = 12,584

Friday = 10,544

Saturday = 11,489

Sunday = Uh oh, I only have 9,858 steps.  I better get moving!!


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Last week, Sunshine and I had an awesome time flying our monkey kite down at the beach, so we decided to do it again.

We stopped at Costco, picked up a dragon kite and a penguin kite, and went straight to Treasure Island Park.  We assembled our kites and couldn’t wait to get flying.

We learned a simple formula that we will never forget… NO WIND = NO KITE FLYING…

No Wind

Oh well… now we have three kites for the next time!!

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All I Wanted Was a Pug…

Sunshine and I have had a few dogs over the years…

Rosie (the little doggie in the window that I HAD TO HAVE)…


Lucy Lu (don’t tell the others – she’s my personal favorite)…


Ginger Lee (the perfect dog… so sweet and so loving)…


Miss Molly (Molly grew from a rambunctious little girl into a sweet old lady)…


Paigie (oh, my little monkey, where do I begin?)…


Turley “Teacup” (our first dog with an “outy” nose, sweet, sweet, sweet)…


Rosie, Lucy, Ginger, and Molly are no longer with us; but we do have Paige and Turley.  All I wanted was one more pug to round out a nice trio.

The pug rescue said they had two “porkies” (pug/Yorkie mix) ready for adoption: Petunia and Sweet Pea.  That sounded good to us!  We adopted them.  This is what we got…



Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea


They are little stinkers.  They’ve destroyed my leather belt, iPod, several shoes and flip flops and two pairs of reading glasses.  And as I’m writing this story, they chewed the pedometer right off my belt (darn… it still works!).

Once the initial shock wore off, they have really become a big part of our family.  We love them  like crazy… they are full of energy and they never run out of love to give us.

And they are cute, don’tcha think??  😉


Some day I will get my pug.

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Flying High…

Monkey KiteSunshine and I love to go to Treasure Island Beach in front of Montage Laguna Beach early Friday mornings before work.  We see seals and dolphins, people paddle boarding, walking their dogs, practicing yoga and jogging on the sand.  It’s very relaxing.

A couple of weeks ago, we saw someone flying a kite.  That looked like fun, so I ordered a monkey kite on Amazon and it just arrived.

We decided to go to the beach and watch it fly.

Assembling Kite

Since it’s been about 30 or 40 years since we’ve flown a kite, we were a little rusty on how to get them to fly. Our first attempt was a minor failure…

No Wind Kite

Once we realized we needed some wind, our monkey kite really took off…

Flying Higher

He wanted to fly higher and higher, so we took that little monkey down to the sand and let him fly as high as possible…

Guy on Beach

Man, that monkey wanted to soar!  He went higher and higher and all the people walking by stared in amazement.  We came to the end of the string and the monkey still wanted more.  It sure was fun!!!

Sunshine Flying Guy Smiling

After about an hour, we brought the monkey kite down (almost a crash-landing!)…


It sure was a good kite-flying day!!  We’ll bring more string next time.

That Was FunThat Was Fun

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Burning the Candle…

Finished Palm Wax CandlesA few years ago Sunshine and I went to Kauai.  While there, we visited Island Soap and Candle Works in Koloa and watched them make handmade candles.  It looked like a lot of fun so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Once we got home, I got a bunch of candle-making supplies, set up shop and got to work.  Since then, I’ve been experimenting with different waxes, recipes and additives. Here’s my workspace…

Candle-Making Workspace

This weekend I was able to get back in the shop and make more candles.  I started by melting 3 lbs. palm wax…

Melting Palm Wax

When the wax melted and reached 200°F, I added 4 oz. lavender oil, stirred it for a minute and let it cool to 175°F.

I had a few minutes to wait so I added cool metal pieces to the blank jars and attached the wicks.  Then I poured the melted wax and lavender oil mixture into the jars…

Melted Wax in Jars

Now the hard part… I had to wait for them to cool completely.  Here are the finished lavender-scented palm wax candles…

Finished Palm Wax Candles

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